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Elevating care

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Improving Patient Outcomes


Intercept TeleMed helps realize multiple goals…

  • Reduction in Mortality
  • Reduction of Costly Complications through Early Detection
  • Increased Utilization without ICU Expansion
  • Increased Revenue and Income
  • Shorter Length Of Stay for Patients 

The cornerstone of Intercept’s mission is to provide superior services for the successful implementation of a collaborative tele-ICU solution.

We are not a one-size-fits-all organization. As such, we establish best practices based on what is best for you and your patients.

The fulcrum of Intercept is its world-class staff of experienced Intensivists and its use of the highest quality, state-of-the-art tele-ICU platform: Intercept TeleMed.

   Intercept TeleMed’s 5 Pillars of Success …


Customized Solution



Predictive Analytics

for Proactive Care

Highly Experienced

Physicians & Nurses

Excellent Training

and Service


Let Intercept help improve your ICU today!

26 %

Reduction in mortality

30 %

Reduction in length of stay

24 / 7

Intensivists don’t suffer burnout

15 %

Discharged to home faster

Satisfaction increase for patients and providers

50 %

Reduction in leakage

$ 5000

average ICU cost savings per patient

37 %

Reduction in patients requiring transfer

1 Full Day

Average ICU length of stay reduction

Saving Lives, Saving Money : The Benefits of Tele-ICU

Our 5 Pillars of Success…


Customized Solutions

Intercept can help you implement YOUR best practices to provide the highest quality care. Each tele-ICU installation is a uniquely customized experience that is tailored to offer the services and protocols most important to you. We do this through the use of a detailed implementation plan and series of transformational workshops. Instead of imposing rigid procedures on you, we work collaboratively to co-develop protocols that work for your specific hospital.

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Comprehensive Customized Solutions
Best-In-Class Software


Best-In-Class Software

Our eICU solution provides your organization with the exceptional benefits of the Intercept TeleMed platform: a transformational, critical care, tele-ICU program that combines A/V technology, predictive analytics, data visualization, advanced reporting capabilities and more. All delivered by Intercept TeleMed experts with more than 15 years of proven success. Over the past decade and a half, more than 4.25 million patient stays have been monitored by the eICU program.
Intercept works with you to develop and implement customized solutions that only Intercept TeleMed can deliver. And we do this without multi-million dollar ($) up-front fees, or the cost of 24/7 full time Intensivist staffing.



Predictive Analytics for Proactive Care

Our SmartAlert, algorithm-driven system monitors specific values and trends over time. SmartAlerts continuously review a wide array of data including patient vital signs, medications, lab results and flowsheets. When a specific value meets a pre-determined threshold or a negative trend is detected, Smart Alerts sends a prompt to the care team, enabling clinical evaluation and, if needed, intervention

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Predictive Analytics for Proactive Care
Highly Experienced Physicians & Nurses


Highly Experienced Physicians & Nurses

Intercept was founded by Dr. Diego C. Reino, a surgeon specializing in abdominal organ transplants for the highest risk patients. Dr. Reino has experienced the value of the many benefits of tele-ICU services. Dr. Reino is supported by a staff of first-class critical care physicians and highly skilled nursing personnel; together, they provide the necessary, datadriven critical care expertise that is protocolized across the client’s enterprise.

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Excellent Training and Service

Achieving the next level of critical care outcomes requires a clinical transformation – and that is precisely what Intercept delivers. Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical and technical professionals deliver a range of services from strategic planning through systems integration and training. Our program combines people, technology and processes to provide proven, predictable and sustainable results.

Excellent Training and Service

Let Intercept Help Improve Your ICU!

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