Intercept TeleMed is
Powered By Philips eCareManager


Best-in-Class Software

State-of the-Art Platform Allows Intercept to Offer The Gold Standard in Tele-ICU

The value to your hospital from access to millions of critically analyzed data points collected from a diverse range of patients and hospitals cannot be underestimated. That’s why Intercept is proud to partner with Philips and to make use of their cutting-edge technology. Philips’ eCareManager is the backbone
of Intercept’s capabilities. This state-of-the-art platform sets a new standard for tele-ICU technology, and is the key driver that helps inform our clinical decision making.

A Full Suite of Philips eCareManager is Used at Monitoring Stations

Population Management

Discharge Readiness Score

Pain, Agitation, and Delirium

Smart Alert

Integrated Video Assessment

Proactive Care Powered by Proprietary Algorithms

  • Philips eCareManager is source-agnostic, providing seamless integration between our tele-ICU care providers and your bedside care teams and powered by sophisticated support algorithms
  • An essential element of the platform is that it allows us to promote proactive care and coordination. However, speed of response and the positive outcomes associated is often the result of Intercept integration
  • Proactive care and continuous patient monitoring facilitate quicker intervention and better results for patients, especially those at high risk

Superior Data Analytics

The constant stream of patient data in a continuous care model allows our clinical experts to provide immediate information to the bedside care
providers. It results in collaborative care that is proactive, and which consistently follows best practices.
Collaborative Workflow Design
  • The collection and analysis of patient data necessary for execution of collaborative workflows are largely automated in the tele-environment
  • Constant data collection enables the development of performance profiles for a variety of metrics
    • For instance, clinical leadership can assess performance against national benchmarks
  • Data analytics support goals such as developing and deploying joint bedside/tele-workflows that adhere to best practices
Immediate, Active Involvement
  • The heart of the Intercept solution, remote clinicians are always evaluating patients, even when not actively intervening
  • When situations arise, they are already informed and can rapidly engage
  • This increases productivity by eliminating the need to summon a physician from an on-call room and the loss of precious time spent waiting for an off-site physician to commute to the hospital

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